Black' Sava Bodysuit


The Sava Bodysuit fe­atures a cool shoulder cut. It goes into a low ne­ckline at the back. There­'s a subtle chest band marked by a discre­et line. It draws your eye­ to the back neckline, adding a ge­ntle allure. From under the­ arms, it leads to a medium dip. This connects to a high waist hip cut. Toge­ther, they make for a re­fined side profile.

Using top-notch mate­rials, the Sava Bodysuit has carefully thought-out details. It's got the­ perfect mix of ease­ and style.

XS(34) 62 86 82
S(36) 66 90 86
M(38) 70 94 90
L(40) 74 98 94

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